About Us

SSE Consummate Solutions, Inc. (SSECSI) is a complete internet presence provider focused on giving businesses the most for their web site dollar; We specialize in getting your message on the web in a concise, web-friendly format. We offer simple, yet creative and up-to-date, solutions for your web site needs. Let us move your business onto the web today.

Director's Message

84x96What you want is what you get from SSECSI; We are not in business for us, we are in business for you. Your business solutions are designed with you, for you!

Mission Statement

We obligate ourselves to our customers to provide responsible, knowledgeable, realistic and economical solutions. To be there when needed, so that your business may continue to grow without interruption.

Company Background

We were started as a company dedicated to the design of web sites for a variety of clients wishing a presence on the Internet. While there are thousands of companies that offer similar services, we wanted to be different by offering fresh new ideas from our varied development team. The team concept works for our company as well as our clients to ensure we are able to offer the best solutions for your business needs.

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